Saturday, December 31, 2011

Birth and Taxes

Well, here it is.  New Year's eve.  No signs of Audrey coming along today, which means no child tax credit this year.  Always being held down by the man, man.  Oh well, at least the man saw fit to give me more money every month.  Kinda funny when you pay taxes to your boss so your boss can pay you...

On that note however, it's interesting how everyone you know at this point in the game has a day they are shooting for your child being born on.  My cousin wanted to know if I had a betting pool going... maybe on the next go round.  My dad had a few days picked out in December, mostly revolving around other people's birthdays.  Hell, even my barber says to me yesterday, "Maybe your baby come today, she be born the same day as me!" Gotta love that old Italian.

So the countdown is now t-minus 4 days (today still counts cause it's not noon yet)... then it's into the abyss.

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