Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Temple of Doom

There I was, deep in the ancient ruins of some lost civilization... hunting for treasure, adventure, and whatever else I could find. I was finally there, in the final chamber, and I could see them: the prized jewels of King Ugabuga.

Having survived thus far, I knew the Chungawunga peoples were experts at building booby traps, but I let down my guard at the sheer brilliance of the prize. I lifted the jewels, and as I walked away I heard the warning sounds of a trap spooling up. I rushed back to disarm it, but I was too late. The trap had sounded its alarm, and I was left to face the most terrible of creatures...

The angry, sleep-deprived wife, woken from slumber.

Ok... So maybe I wasn't actually deep in the jungle chasing lost treasure, avoiding flaming arrows and other such nonsense... No, I was just up at 5 am to check a diaper.  The problem is (and it's actually a good thing) that modern baby monitors aren't just cool walkie talkies anymore.  Nope, they can tell you whether your baby is breathing or not, or their heart is beating or not... I forget which.  Either way, when you pick them up, half asleep, to go through the motions of a diaper change, you have to remember to turn the monitor off.  Otherwise... oh god.

So, while I appreciate the gift, and the possibilities it gives... I swear, I've essentially put in a booby trap against myself.

"I no touch nothing Indy!"

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